Class Descriptions

We are now offering PRIVATE LESSONS!

Private lessons are great for anyone a bit nervous to start in a group class, to give you a taste of what pole dance is about, to work on building your skill set or work on a routine for showcase or competitions.

Book in with us for any time that suits you, for any class that suits you. Come alone, or with a friend!
($20 per extra person)

if you book in for 5 or more classes you receive a 10% discount.

30 minute session - $35
One hour session - $60

*if you are from a different studio and want to have aid training for competitions - Your studio owner must approve your training with us OR you must compete under your studio name AND Elite Fitness or under our training instructors name.
Hobart Pole dance

Catch up classes

Due to the influx of students requesting catch up classes, free classes will only be provided to students who abide by the following criteria:

- Each student may only receive one free catch up class per term, unless pre-arranged with reception.

- You must give a minimum of 7 days notice if you know you won’t be able to a make class and your catch up class must happen within the first four weeks of term.

- You must notify us the day you are sick. If you have a medical certificate you can go to a free ‘Pole coaching class’, without a medical certificate you can go to a ‘Pole Play’ class.
pole dance hobart
8 week course levels

During your 8-week term you will attend one class a week and be taught by an experienced Instructor how to do tricks and pole combinations while building strength and flexibility and incorporating them into a fun routine to aid your stamina and endurance.

If you are wanting to intergrate into our levels from another studio, or from time away,  we can give you a free level assessment to figure out which level you would be best suited to.

You cannot use your casual class passes for these course levels.

Beginner Pole (Level 1 ) – no experience necessary.
Our beginners course is designed for people with no previous pole dancing experience. In this level you will learn the basic fundamentals of pole dancing, learning basic tricks and putting them into a short routine.
There is no minimum fitness requirement.
Be prepared to activate those core muscles and have a fun workout!

Casual classes

You can use your 3, 5, 10 or unlimited class passes on any of these casual classes.
Our fantastic instructors offer a range of classes for you to choose from to help aid your fitness training:
Heels and floorwork Learn how to be more graceful in your favourite pair of heels, get ready for a heel clacking, hair flicking good time. No need for shorts in this class, this is all about being on the floor and learning how to move in heels, we recommend you wear pole pleasers, however you are welcome to wear any heels you like - as long as they aren't wedge heels. (Beginner friendly)

Pole Coaching - a class where you can work on your pole tricks or learn new ones with the help of an instructor, This class is designed to help you smash your pole goals. (Beginner friendly)

Pole tricks - In this class, we will focus on teaching you a wide variety of tricks and combinations on the pole including holds; drops; flips and spins. The tricks taught in this class will help build upon those taught in the Beg/Int/Adv classes and will range from simple moves to the more difficult and challenging. Polers of all levels are welcome to attend but less experienced polers may be asked not to attempt a trick if it is deemed dangerous by the instructor. (Beginner friendly)
Dance Basics - If you have ever wanted to learn to dance, here is your chance. Naomi has been dancing for over ten years in many different styles. She will be teaching you spins, leaps, turns and the basics to improving your overall coordination and putting them into a routine!
It doesn't matter your age or skill level come along and try it out! (Beginner friendly)

Pole Acro - This class is working on your flexibility, learning tricks on and off the pole. From basics like cartwheels to walkovers to aerial cartwheels and tricks on the pole. During this class you will stretch out your body to work on your flexibility for things like splits and walkovers.
This is a dynamic class for all skill levels. (Beginner friendly)

Pole Play (only $10) -  a time for you to work on your own tricks and routines unsupervised by an instructor. (Beginner friendly) 

Private Lessons - We also offer one-on-one or group personal training sessions for either fitness, or pole dance book a private lesson with any of our talented instructors to help you pass the level, help choreograph a routine – or just to learn more tricks.

Terms and Conditions


Term fees are $170 per 8 week term. a $50 deposit is required to secure your spot in your chosen class. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
If you book for more than one level per term you will recieve 50% off every additional level.

One level - $170
Two levels - $255
Three Levels - $340

refunds and transfers

Please note that your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Any payments made to Elite Fitness are non-refundable and non-transferrable, so choose your classes carefully.